Why is Osteopathy So Effective?

For optimal relief from any bodily condition that restricts your comfort, movement, or quality of life, there are 5 goals that must be addressed.

  1. Eliminate Inflammation
  2. Pain Reduction
  3. Increase Range of Motion
  4. Strengthen
  5. Increase Endurance

When you see a medical doctor, they will typically address a little of #1 and #2.

When you visit your chiropractor, they will focus on #2 and #3.

Physiotherapy’s purpose is to take care of #1, #3, and #4.

But while they may have knowledge of the goals and principles you need for complete healing, they are (many times) not allowed to talk about the other goals because it’s not within their field of study.

The reason why Osteopathy works so well, though – is it encompasses all 5.

1. Eliminate Inflammation

When you injure yourself – sprain an ankle, pull a muscle, even arthritis(!), the region can swell and it can easily irritate nearby nerves. (Translation: it hurts!)

Because Osteopathy can quickly and easily manipulate the body, organs, and bones to return to a normal and optimal position, the trauma has been reversed and inflammation begins to go down immediately.

2. Reduce Pain

Obviously, if your inflammation goes down, that takes care of the throbbing pain, but then any pain from pinched nerves, misalignment, or pressure on certain tissue can also subside – because again – everything is back in place after your Osteopathic treatment

3. Increase Range of Motion

Because Osteopathy makes the body ‘mechanically sound’, joints are more lubricated, muscles aren’t strained, and you automatically have more freedom of movement. The more you have, the more you can build upon that foundation.

4. Strengthen

When you finish with your Osteopath, immediately, you will feel stronger, because all the restrictions have been lifted, when you put effort into moving that part of your body, you’re not holding back because it’s too painful. Immediately, the body is rebuilding the tissue necessary to meet whatever demand you give it, building strength every time you do it.

5. Increase Endurance

Lastly, with all these taken care of, now your body can last against the elements, stresses, and demands you put on your body. Whether you’re a long-distance runner with knees that have been giving out, a golfer wanting to improve your game, or a stay-at-home parent – doing one of the most physical jobs out there – taking care of your kids!

Now you can see the reason osteopathy is so effective. It has such a holistic approach to your body’s well being, and heals you from the inside out!

If you have a pain or condition it’s time to get rid of it!

Give us a call! Your body will thank you!