Manual osteopathy is safe and extremely effective in treating people of all ages, from babies to the elderly, including pregnant women and people recovering from injuries and surgery.


Here are some of the stories our patients wish to share with you!


After 11 years of pain I am now realizing that this is not how it has to be. I had many compounding problems from 4 car accidents (one was a head on collision going 70 km/h) a workplace injury and every little slip in the winter just made it worse. I tried everything. Lots of professionals were able to give me pain management (chiropractors, physiotherapists, IMS, rolfers, and a multitude of massage therapists) but Kyle was the first person I’ve met who actually got rid of the problem that caused the pain. After 6 treatments my lower back problems were gone. I was skeptical after living so long with the same pain that I didn’t think it was possible to be rid of it and I am and I feel like now I can be like everyone else and just enjoy myself.

–K. Forsyth


So, I had a serious foot injury when I was 18. 18 years and probably 50 some visits to a chiropractor as ‘maintenance’ on my hips and back proved to me that I would probably suffer for the rest of my life.

When Kyle checked out my foot, he pointed out the problem within 30 seconds and in 10 minutes had the irritation gone!

I couldn’t believe it, so I waited a week to post a review. Since seeing him, I haven’t had the pain, and my foot feels stronger than it ever has since it broke 18 years ago!
–P. Klaszus


Met Kyle last year when he came to our company. What a great guy. He ended up showing up on one of my really bad days as I have a pinched sciatic nerve which is crippling some days as it was that day. Here I am trying to help him when he’s more focused on trying to help me. He gave me a couple tips just to get through the day and we carried on. He noticed things I would have never even began to think about. That was that; went to him the next week and haven’t been to anyone else since. There were absolutely no issues with my insurance company at all and took all those worries away. The non-invasive approach made life much easier. I strongly recommend Precision Manual Osteopathy to anyone looking for quality who treats you like family. He didn’t even know me from a hole in the ground and wanted to help me without knowing anything about me.. Just love him..

–R. Parnell


Both myself and my husband have been to Kyle with a number of mobility issues from years of our participation in sport, mostly weight lifting and bodybuilding. Tight muscles and fascia that bound us up in various areas of our bodies are now pain-free and we move much better than we did before. This is very important to us because we continue to work with people as Fitness Trainers so we need to be able to move well and remain functionally active for our profession. In just a few sessions, Kyle was able to bring immediate pain relief to tight and restricted areas and he gave us suggestions on how to keep our new-found mobility. He is extremely knowledgeable in anatomy and very effective in his manual work, using only his hands. Thank you, Kyle!

–Michelle and Jack of Ageless Fitness & Health!


I am 82 years old. I have had both hips and my right knee replaced within the past 3 years. I am very active, with exercise work outs 5 days a week and lots of walking.

I have one leg shorter than the other by about 1/2 an inch, causing a problem in alignment of my hips. Kyle, with a few adjustments and a recommended exercise has corrected a problem I had bending over to flex my right knee and at the hips to enable me to tie my shoes. Now I can!

Thank you!

–D. Gaulin